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Hairy Or HairNot? *First Ramble Request!*

6th Jul 2018

My first Random Ramble Request: Do women like hair?

Have a Panty Fetish? Stellar's Skivvys is Officially Live!

4th Jul 2018

Stellar's Skivvys is Officially Open!

Jekyll And Hyde

24th Jun 2018

The real Jekyll and Hyde Blog....the way men change before and after the happy ending

Jekyll And Hyde (Well It Was Supposed To Be) Update!

24th Jun 2018

Started writing my Jekyll & Hyde Blog, ended up being an Update on what's been going on in my life lol
When I get to talking....I have a hard time stopping lol

Why I Haven't Posted....

27th May 2018

Why I haven't posted a Blog in a few weeks...

Life After Fosta

7th May 2018

How things are for me after the Fosta Shutdown

A Man's Only As Good As His....What?

19th Apr 2018

What happened to honesty, integrity, and pride?

Reviews: The Good, The Bad, & The Whoa....That Was Too Much....

16th Apr 2018

My Thoughts on Reviews....This Blog has been long time coming. I had one that I kept editing on my old website. I'd write a lot then erase it. I could never seem to get the words out right. Well now is the time, and here comes my Rambling....lol

FOSTA Fiesta

12th Apr 2018

My feelings about FOSTA and some info to help you all out.

I'm here, I swear. Just Zuckerberged It For A Minute... 3.31.18

31st Mar 2018

Update: What I've been doing, and what's coming up! And of course a little of my normal bitching....lol

"Drama Calling!" 3.7.18

15th Mar 2018

Wife Drama 3.7.18

Gettings & Goings Ons 3.3.18

15th Mar 2018

Update 3.3.18

Black Thumb, Brown Fingers 2.23.18

15th Mar 2018

My luck with computers 2.23.18

50 Shades Of Stellar 2.14.18

15th Mar 2018

There's not enough hours in the day sometimes... 2.14.18

Valentine's Day Special 2.13.18

15th Mar 2018

Valentine's Day Special 2.13.18

New Location - New Worries 2.3.18

15th Mar 2018

The Worries Of Change

House Hunting 1.21.18

15th Mar 2018

House Hunting Update

My Hobby Pet Peeves 1.11.18

15th Mar 2018

The Things That Drive Me Crazy In The Hobby 1.11.18

Expanding The Brand 1.10.18

15th Mar 2018

Expanding The Stellar Madison Brand 1.10.18

Holidays....Bah Hum Bug 12.27.17

15th Mar 2018

Holidays Suck

Welcome To My Blog Darlings! 9.8.17

13th Mar 2018

Welcome To My Blog Darlings!