Quick Visits

 Meet & Greet  $100
 Half Hour  $120
 45 Minutes  $160
 Hour  $200
 90 Minutes  $300
 2 Hours  $350



Extended Visits

(Deposit Required)

Donation Description
GFE Date Special $400 We'll start our time together with a date activity (Dinner, movie, etc.) Followed by an Hour Visit.

Long Visit- 4 Hours


 Perfect for getting to know each other and not having to rush. Plenty of time to have some fun!

Half Day- 6 Hours


Perfect for Events or Concerts, etc. Or if you just want some company for the day.  

Overnight- 12 Hours


Need a cuddle buddy? Dinner to Breakfast. With at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep time.

All Day- 12 Hours


A Great Day. We'll have all day to enjoy the sun, and all night for some fun. Lots can happen in 12 hours.   
 Full Day- 24 Hrs $1500 A great day is only made better when it's followed by someone to cuddle up with.  
Weekend- 48 Hrs $2000 Need a weekend getaway? A mini vacation? Leave your worries behind and have nothing but fun all weekend.  
Need something different? I accommodate other times as well

Extended Visits require a 25-50% Deposit to Book.